Thursday, January 6, 2011



  1. In all seriousness, I'm kind of pissed that the guys eyes didn't shoot out of his head at that tides remark. At the very least say something like, "uhh, the fucking moon's gravity controls that shit. In fact, not only do we know how it works, we can predict it and print it in the GODDAMN NEWSPAPER EVERY GODDAMN DAY."

  2. Silverman didn't seem to know that either. Did neither of these bozos take 8th grade science? Kinda gives one an idea of the level of discussion on Fox.

  3. What I love is that these are the same kind of barely literate clowns who'll get all het up about "preferential treatment" of minorities and women because oh noes what if some horrid underqualified stoopid black person or female STEALS a plum job from some genius white dude liek meeeeee!!!

    Christ. Like anyone who helps serve the daily gruel over at FOX is bright enough to pick his/her nose without an instruction manual.

  4. Alan, Silverman is one of those "new atheists." They believe that merely not believing in a God makes one intellectually superior to everyone else even if he or she is otherwise dumber than a bag of hammers (i.e. Silverman).

  5. New Atheist? Huh. I think I like the old atheists better. You know, the ones that don't argue with FauxNews morons.

  6. Alan,
    Looks like you have one less pwoggie to kick around.

  7. Smithee, with you and IOZ both gone, where will I get my Toobz laughs? Don't ask me to carry the day, 'cuz not a laugh will emerge!

  8. IOZ recently came back. Hopefully Alan will, too.


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