Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Poodle Revolution!

You know those annoying little yappy dogs that won't shut the fuck up? Well, now you know what it's like reading pwoggie blogs every day. It's like being locked in a room with a hyperactive shih tzu whose asshole owner spikes it's Little Friskies with benzedrine.

Well anyroad, today's annoying fit of impotent yappyness comes to us fresh from the maw of Mo'Betta Bowers, the top toy poodle of DNC dog kennel Brain Fell Out. It seems to have penetrated even his thick cranium that his corporate-owned party isn't going to pass anything even remotely resembling healthcare reform. But, even worse, his masters might not throw him a watered-down "public option" bone he can show off to the other yappy dogs. Quell horreur!

Hence today's yipyipyip regarding Carolyn Maloney's post at FlatPuppyLake. Don't bother reading the whole thing. It's the usual democrat weaseling. Of course, every neutered poodle has to have a bigger dog to hide behind and, fortunately for Mo'betta, he can use the "Blue Dog" dems to explain away the political irrelevence of his "progressive block."

Ya see, Mo'Betta isn't barking at the Blue Dogs. He's standing behind one of the Blue Dog's legs and barking at his pwoggie dog friends. And his message is: "Give our masters your money!"


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