Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's SuperPwog!

A rare photo of Booman going for a walk.

You have to hand it to Booman. The superhuman amount of cognitive dissonance he carries around in his head every day would kill a mere mortal. Take, for instance, this massively stupid statement:
"Obama has banned torture completely, for example, and he has shut down all the black prisons."
One can only speculate what other delusions occupy Booman's pwoggie-bloggie, happy-dippy-dappy consciousness. It's obviously a wonderous, magical place where happy frou-frou elves skip from door to door delivering candy and ice cream treats. Oh, and Obama's Bagram torture facility doesn't exist there. Personally, I like this choice bit:
"The inmates at Bagram are being kept in "a legal black-hole, without access to lawyers or courts", according to Tina Foster, executive director of the International Justice Network, a legal support group representing four detainees.

She is pursuing legal action that, if successful, would grant detainees at Bagram the same rights as those still being held at Guantanamo Bay.

But the Obama administration is trying to block the move."

Of course, one must remember that irresponisble rightwing media outlets like the BBC and Reuters will print anything to soil God-Emperor Obama's holy and spotless administration. It's a media conspiracy of vast proportions whose only opposition is a tiny band of progressive bloggers on a mission to Save the World with their mutant blogging powers!

Or is that 'X Men?' Fuck if I know. I hate comic books.

(Bonus! Read Madam De'Boorge's little Obot tantrum over Helen Thomas' outrageous effrontery in daring to question the Wisdom of God-Emperor Obama. Off with her head!)


  1. I love superhero comic books. They're the only thing that's holding the dregs of my sanity together in the aftermath of Coronation '08. Especially since, unlike vodka, you can check them out of the library. So there.

    -- ms_xeno

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  3. You can't...check out vodka...from the library?!?


  4. Afraid not. You should see how surly market security got the last time I tried to sneak out of the Megalo-Mart with a couple of lemons hidden in my pants cuffs, too. :(

    -- ms_xeno