Monday, July 20, 2009

Motherfuck Him AND John Wayne

Ya know, it's just too fucking easy today. Just look at this shit! Diggy is trying to convince herself that the corporate-owned-and-operated democratic party is some kind of bastion of progressive thought; Pwogman is twirling with ecstasy at the prospect of getting his marching orders direct from the God-Emperor Himself; and Shake-A-Puddin' is going orgasmic over Hillary "Bombs Away!" Clinton for about the umpty-umpth time this year.

I mean, this shit is comedy gold! There are so many laugh lines and punch lines and tan lines in just these three articles...fuck, I'd hardly know where to start. There's no challange here, no struggle, it's just too damn easy to make fun of the pwoggie blogs today. So, ya know what, screw it! I'm taking a snow day. Instead here's a little something from back before Chuck D sold out to the dems:

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