Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day Greetings From DGH!

This July 4th there's only one thing interrupting the Pwog Blog's ongoing obsession with Sarah "Moose Killer" Palin and that's holiday itself. It's the one not-to-be-missed opportunity during the year for pwogwessives to pull out the red, white and blue stops and wave the flag in frantic semaphore to signal those darn repubthuguglickans: 'Darn it, us pwogs are just as patriotic as you freepers. Heck, even more patriotic!'

Why bother? Good question! Basically, pwogwessives have the political equivalent of Short Mans Disease. They're so worried about the size of their foreign policy that they're constantly tugging at it in public, all the while bellowing about how patriotic they are. It's yet another arena where Pwogs are functionally no different than Freepers.

But that's not the only reason. Ya see, pwogs care soooooo very very much about America's reputation in the world that they'll send the very best of American munitions to the children of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia. Ain't that swell of 'em? Even neocons don't enjoy the rocket's red glare more than your average spineless pwoggie.

And that's why, in honor of the holiday, I'd like to dedicate this picture of a maimed Afghan girl to the Mighty Patriotic Pwogwessive Bloggers of Teh Intarwebs of America:

In additon, I'd like to add my personal wishes for a miserable, mosquito-ridden July 4th celebration to all you Open Lefters, Shakers, Hullabaloo'ers, Pandagonians, Newshoggers and generally every Obot and Demotard everywhere who voted to continue the mauling and murder of innocent people. And I'd also like to express my hope that each and every one of you disconnected, disinterested, sneering, snide, middle class, middle management, middle way, middle-of-the-road, merit school, do-nothing pwogwessives die in a fucking ditch with mouthful of blood after a lengthy and painful mauling by global warming-enraged polar bears. Fuck you all very much. Fuck you very, very, very much.

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