Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Last Ditch Rationalization

Today on Mutual of Omaha's Pwoggie Kingdom we visit a vast and uncharted wilderness of confusion and obfuscation called The Great Wasteland of Hullabaloo. There we find Digby "the Terminally Confused", Queen of the Pwogs, doing her best to keep her subjects in line despite the stunningly obvious corruption of her DP masters and betters. Her lecture today: the democrat's insurance company & HMO giveaway bill.

Queen Diggy's basic problem is: how to sell this piece of crap bill to the peons so they'll stay in the DP fold, especially when party royalty like King Rahmses all but chisels out a gravestone for the weak "public option" part of the giveaway. It's in cases like this that the pwoggie-bloggie gatekeepers resort to their last rationalization of defense:
"It's always possible that Emanuel is playing 45 dimensional chess."
What Diggy's trying to explain is that her DP masters are light years more intelligent that the mere peasants who vote for them. A complex subject like health care reform far far beyond the comprehension of the unwashed masses, hence the '46 dimensional chess' reference. The subtext being, of course: 'Just shut the hell up and send your checks in to MoveOn.org like good little brainless proles.'

This is what pwoggies call "Populism" and it has the astonishing quality of being exactly the opposite of what the word actually denotes. Smartypants logicians call it: "argumentum ad ignorantiam" or "argument from personal ignorance" or "bloody fucking stupid."

(Update: Self-appointed blog enforcers "Special K" and "Nick" (assuming they're not the same person) are hard at work in the comments section trying to keep the faithful in line. Don't these idiots know that half the purpose of pwoggie blogs is to let the party faithful blow off steam?)

(Update - Part Deux: The pwog ropers at Brain Fell Out are having similar problems getting their fauxgressives to pony up money for the democrat front groups they regularly pimp. Get along, little pwoggies!)

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