Sunday, July 5, 2009

Go outside!

Why are you sitting around and reading blogs, fercryinoutloud? It's a beautiful day! Go out and enjoy it. Go on, now. Shoo!


  1. Why?! WHY?! I followed your advice earlier. It's evening now. The ranching collective has herded the pwogs to the north forty. They're huddled for warmth and safety. The wingnuts are giggling and banging their heads on the barn wall. They'll be thoroughly concussed in an hour or two, and able to get through the night.

  2. Yippie ti-yi-yo git along little pwoggies!

  3. Yuck. When you guys said "We've got pies, so come on over," I thought that you meant, y'know: PIES!!

    Anyone got a boot-scraper I can use?

    -- ms_xeno

  4. Sorry, Ms. X. But the last time I said "chips" people showed up with seven layer dip.

    Oh, go on ahead and use Booman's head. It makes for a pretty good boot-scraper, and not much else.