Monday, July 13, 2009

News of the Peanut Gallery

International Symbol for 'Pwog'

While Iraq continues to implode and IEDs in Afghanistan continue to explode, the pwoggie blogs are all a-twitter about the best darn SCOTUS nominee ever in the history of SCOTUS nominees ever! For instance:

~Over at Balk the Left, Big Tent Demotard is in full cheerleader mode. Like a toddler opening birthday presents, each democratic senator making a statement is the Bestest Senator Ever In The Whole Wide World!!!1!one!!

~DNC ass kisser Diggy is complaining about republitards slurping Limbaugh's fat racist butt. Ah, jealousy is an ugly thing...

~On a similar note, Brain Fell Out gently suggests to his faithful pwogwessive followers: Send Your Checks In Now, Suckers!

~Meanwhile, the cultists at Shake-A-Puddin are twirling with anticipation over D-AL-C Franken's turn at the mic. Will he be fantastic or merely wonderful?

Honestly, it's little wonder that pwogs get screwed time and again by conservative democrats when their pwoggie bloggie leaders make this kind of fuss over a conservative judicial nominee.


  1. The wonder of it is, they sincerely believe that it's the be-all and end-all of goals to "curb the worst excesses of the Bush Era."

    Even assuming that's what we're gonna' get from this or anything else connected to Obama, it's still a pathetic excuse for a goal. Standing still while your supposedly hated opponent pushes you relentlessly backward is considered "progress." Which it is, sort of. But not for the proles devouring this tripe like it's fresh-baked cookies.

    (And I'm at Ground Zero for this crap. I need to drink more.)

    -- ms_xeno

  2. If their goal is to lose at a slightly slower rate they're doing an admirable job, although one wonders why they want to prolong the pain.

    (And, yes, you probably do need to drink more. Come to think of it, so do I.)

  3. Ms. Xeno, as a Democratic Party activist I have to bone to pick! Moral purists, in their vanity, treat John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy as though they were equally horrible. But Gacy murdered far fewer people than Bundy. Yet he can't get so much as one kind word for his restraint. The left wing absolutists note that he was Democrat, but rarely point out that Bundy was a Republican. Is this really fair? No wonder we consistently get bad government. The sober, gradualist reformers like Gacy don't stand a chance.

  4. Schumann, everyone knows your mind went for good after they caught you selling those counterfeit clown paintings on ebay. Just be grateful that the worst you got was community service, thanks to your connections-- and quit bothering me!

    -- ms_xeno