Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bloo Dog Thursday

The pwoggie bête noire...

As our pwogwessive answer to Margaret Thatcher threatens Iran with immanent destruction and our invisible (to pwogs, anyway) Israeli friends move warships within striking range, lets check out the pwoggie blogs and see what their reaction is, shall we? No, after you. Please, I insist:

Alas, A Pwog - Give us money!

Balk the Left - We're posting an article on wrongful convictions while being completely unaware of our favorite conservative judge's lousy track record on wrongful convictions. Whut? Irony? Whut's that?

Diggly Wiggly - The Bloo Dogs are trying to sabotage our wonderful progressive party and my boyfriend's presidency! Huff huff! You'd think they actually owned the Democratic Party or something!

Brain Fell Out - Here's the latest in a series of think tank-inspired mental masturbations I've had lately. This one is about unions. Won't you join my circlejerk?

NewsPwoggers - A mission to Mars? Impossible! Harrumph!

Pandadroppings - Lookit this stupid wingnut! LOL!

Pwogman - Lookit this dangerous wingbut! OMG!

Shake-A-Puddin' - Bloo Dogs are attacking my girlfriend's boyfriend and I'm conflicted about it.

The Lame Gimmick Pundit
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  1. Pwogman's dangerous wingnut looks a little hebephrenic, but not particularly dangerous. If someone took her parking spot, there might be some action. Meanwhile she's got a good gig fleecing the lowest functioning wingnuts.

    The rectal pundit seems tired of his routine. But that's what happens to pundits who go for the johnny-one-note coprolalia schtick. They reach a point where screaming, "shitfuck pigsuck ooga booga anal-anal!" no longer gets their blood flowing and the audience no longer gets all riled up.

  2. Since the Ascension of the God-Emperor, his self-appointed acolytes have found a new use for wingnuts beyond the usual booga-booga. Some of the more rabid wingers can be used to distract the pwoggie faithful for a short time. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

    Oh, Lamer has to know his shtick is worn threadbare. CD sales alone should have told him that. No, it looks to me like he's trying to move into mainstream pwoggie punditry. Kinda like when Pat Boone released a heavy metal album, but reversed and much much dumber.

  3. Well, I'll put in a good word for Verb Noire (the Alas link), even though I'm broke. If I had any money, I could think of way stupider things to spend it on than the idea of making Nerdville and Geektown a trifle less monochromatic. I'd sure as blazes rather fund them than the DNC, or Andy Stern's smoke-and-mirrors healthcare "reform" campaign, etc.

    - ms_xeno

  4. That's true. I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't take that one off the list. Alas might not be pwoggie enough for good satire.

  5. That's a decision only you can make, Comrade. I still like a lot of the regulars there, but at some point, banging my head against the wall every election season kinda' lost its charm.

    You might want to add The Distant Ocean to your not-Pwogroll, anyway. There's always something there worth reading. I would gladly cede my space to Mr. Caruso, if necessary, since I rarely have the energy for updates anymore.

    -- ms_xeno

  6. Yeah, I dunno, probably by the time election year rolls around they'll be shilling for the Other War Party. That's pwoggie-bloggie SOP - make noises like an independent during off election years, then turn into a robodem when it comes time to vote.

    Ms. X, I'd rather give up my entire collection of '50s sci-fi films (including "Spacemaster X-7!") than take you off the blogroll. But thanks for the tip. I'll go check out Distant Ocean.

    And if you dp eventually decide to give up your blog, you'll always have a standing invite here.

  7. Well, Ampersand likes to have it both ways. After dutifully writing about Clinton II and Obama all the way down to the subatomic level for months, he sort of mumbled in a corner at some point that maybe he'd vote for McKinney because OR is a "safe state." Once it couldn't have possibly made one iota of difference, because the "important" stuff, like which bleakly interchangeable asshole got the Dem crown, had already been decided.

    (Christ on a cracker, but I hate "safe state" logic. I'd set fire to the term "safe state" if I could. Feh.)

    I really like him in person. Heck, I knew him long before Al Gore even thought up the Internets, but I don't like Ampersand the Blogger all that much anymore. Really, I don't like any Pwog Bloggers all that much anymore. There's just too much wrong with Democratic cleaving, on too many levels.

    -- ms_xeno

  8. I don't know what I like about the average pwog blogger most. Their sneering condescension? Their deliberate ignorance? Their sniveling "safe state" cowardice? So much to choose from...

    Too bad about Ampersand. I wonder what turned him into a pwog. Did he get mugged by Howard Dean or something?

  9. ...Did he get mugged by Howard Dean or something?

    [nods] That fate ended up befalling 98.5% of the wayward in this town. The rest of us escaped. I'm still not sure how.

    -- ms_xeno