Monday, January 4, 2010

Well, Of Course!

Something I forgot to mention last decade. Just so everybody knows, a few days ago Pander asserted that she is, in fact, The Left.

So, you know, everyone can relax now.

No, I'm not kidding. Obot Pander actually claims, in the middle of a lip-frothing batshit-insane screed against the everything non-democrat party, that she is, in-deedy-do, The Left. Don't believe me?
"Anyway, the point is that I’m The Left"
And not just any left, mind you. She's The Left, ya know? There is no other Left than Pander. Any Left you may think exists to the left of her is a mere fignewton of your imagination. She is - THE LEFT.

Later that same post, Pander goes on to imply that she is a "DFH" (That's "Dirty Fucking Hippy" in Obot speak. Essentially a conservative democrat.) Now, a brief skimming of her blog reveals Pander is a "DFH" much in the same way that she's, say, a Jacobite, a Yihe Tuan or a member of the Grange. But this delusion appears to be fairly widespread amongst the Obot population who earn their Yearly Kos panelist invites by maintaining a thin veneer of populism.

So, to sum up. Obama is Jesus. Amanda Marcotte is The Left.

Any questions?


  1. Well if The Left (TM) herself says voting for a third party is nonsense, who are us lesser-thans to judge? According to herself, when you vote 3rd party, it only empowers the Rethugs and you end up with guys like Romney, and you know what that means...


    ...and you wouldn't want that! Thank God The Left(TM) and His Exaltedness Shri Rama'bama were on the job to save us from that disaster! Phew, talk about dodging a bullet! Now we can all take a nice, overpriced pharmaceutical and calm down while the Dynamic Duo work to foil the next corporate criminal caper. Same batshit time, same batshit channel.

  2. Hey! Wasn't that a mid-80s detective show? Shri'Bama and The Left will return after these commerical messages...

  3. The only functioning brain over on that blog was Jedmunds, and he was hustled out a while back. Or maybe he quit in disgust. I'm not sure. It was all very mysterious.

  4. Probably he got out while the gettin' was good. I can't imagine putting up with someone as toxic as Pander for very long.

  5. David Sirota has a nice long self-indulgent whine at Obot Left. Apparently poor David's income is really tight these days. Apparently it is tough trying to live in the sub-$100k/year bracket. I just wonder how close to the zero k/year bracket he is, and whether he's further from that end or the 100k end. Perhaps it's time for the Pwog Klaxon to be sounded!

  6. Amazing how many blogs quote Pander like she's the sage of Pwog Hollow. Pretty sure she used to merit a link on the Guardian's Blogroll from time to time. I can only imagine her views resonate with many.

    Gird your loins for another 4 years in the Obamathon.

  7. I always appreciate how swiftly threads like that can produce the obligatory swarm of loudly Born-Again Democrats. "Oh, I voted for The Evil One in 2000 and it was terrible and please forgive meeee ZOMFG11 I'm so so sorreeee!!"

    [followed by twenty minutes of bemoaning Bush II's crimes, with a neat two-step around the fact that most of his crimes were facilitated --and now perpetuated-- by Democrats. Weep, wail, rend garment, scrape forehead on the ground blah fucking blah...]

    I still suspect that 2000 is like Woodstock. There's just no way that each and every born-againer could've actually done what they say they did. Otherwise, Ralph would've nabbed --what?-- 10%? of the votes? Do I hear 25% or 30% (on a particularly nauseating day of Born Again In Blogland)?

    But I have a skeptical nature, so there you go.

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  9. I've been catching up with your blog and I couldn't help but follow the links from Panda Droppings to this charming little entry.

    What a fucking piece of garbage he is. This is a man who shouldn't show his face in public, so filled with shame should he be about the debacle that he facilitated in 2000.

    Christ, yes! He ran a third party campaign that behaved like a third party, and not like a notional extension of the Democratic Party. Isn't it so obvious that real democracy is always a "debacle"?

    My first live experience of how Democrats handle democracy was when a Democrat president leaned on the Democrat mayor of Seattle to establish a 50-block "No Protest Zone". They don't seem to have changed their tune at all in the intervening decade.

    All shit like this does is make me relish my vote for Ralph Nader in 2000 even more. There have been three presidential elections since I became eligible to vote, and I've not voted for a Democrat in any one of them. Didn't vote Green in 2004, though, because I was disgusted at their bowing and scraping and pleading forgiveness for running a real campaign in 2000. That year, I cast my vote for Leonard Peltier on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket.