Monday, January 4, 2010

New Pwogs for Old


Haven't been posting much because, well, fuck, real life happens. Anyroad, please welcome a new pwoggie to the herd, Extreeeeeme Obot!

Extreeeeeme is more than just a blindly Obama worshiping personality cultist Koswhack. Sure, all the usual fear mongering, rationalization, lesser evilism, crackpot realism, mendacity, pettifoggery, simony and antinomianism are there. But, Extreeeeeme has a certain broad clueless quality that other Obots will find hard to match. The sort of je-nai-se-dumb that leads him to write, in a truly pathetic attempt at a hit piece on film producer/political gadfly Jane Hamsher, that Ollie Stone's film Natural Born Killers is a despicable Hollywood glorification of violence and not, as is blindly obvious to anyone who possesses the mental faculties to boil water, an indictment of same.

So, yeah, he's right-out-of-the-packaging new. But I think he's got the potential to be a world class Obot. Or at least more interesting than Big 'Tard.


  1. This site shares a wierd symbiosis with yours:

    Suddenly, your association between cows and pwogs will start to make a lot of sense on an archetypal level...especially after you read the diagnosis part :)

  2. Yipes! And here I'd thought all along that the onlyl thing pwogs and cows shared was their natural docility.

  3. circle jerks here, I see.