Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Question of the Day

The DGH Question of the Day: "Is Dave Sirota an idiot or just a garden-variety demotard shill?"

Over at Obot Left - Sirota quotes Rhamses I as saying that passing the Health Insurace Give-Away bill would be as beneficial to the DP as passing NAFTA was back during the Golden Clinton Years of Peace and Prosperity, 1994. Sirota claims to be flabbergasted at such a remark, since he's of the opinion that that very thing was responsible for the D's poor congressional showing that year.

Possibly it doesn't occur to Sirota that the D's fund raising increased 30% after they shivved the people with NAFTA, and that's what Rhamses was talking about - anticipating a big ol' Clintonian-style windfall from big pharma and the health insurance corporations. Possibly Sirota doesn't understand that DP elites like Rahm don't actually give a fart in a hurricane about their "base" (ie: jellyfish pwogwessives and their access blogger minders), "democratic values" (whatever that's supposed to be) or winning elections - a fact that has been abundantly obvious for a couple of fucking decades now.

Or, possibly, Sirota's just another lame DP flack with delusions of Beltway grandeur. Your guess is as good as mine.


  1. David Sirota = idiot Dembot hack, who gets e-fellated by lib-wools and pwoggies alike. Dude knows like 0.0056% of what you know, Smithee, but people think he's an "expert." I guess he's like a weatherman -- he only has to be presentable, he doesn't have to know what he's talking about. And Sirota's got that squeaky-clean resume that meritocrats just LOVE.

  2. He's perfect for Obot Left. Makes nice noises for the pwogs until its time to send them off the to polls to vote in whatever corporate scumbag has a 'D' next to it's name.

  3. He worked on the campaign of someone from my state recently, and I found it comical that friends here were talking about his genius and expertise.

    from Wick-O-Petey-uh....
    "After serving as a senior strategist for Brian Schweitzer's[26] unsuccessful 2000 Senate campaign and successful 2004 gubernatorial campaign,[27][28] Sirota lived from 2004 to 2007 in Helena, Montana[25][29] with his wife."

    I remember reading an essay of his a few weeks back where he was bitching about the pay to people like him these days. I wish Brian Schweitzer would have paid me what Sirota got paid, I wish someone would pay me for lying my ass off --OR-- being pretty fucking wrong about most everything on which I opine because I don't know how things really work.

    Which of those is Sirota, the liar or the dupe? Who knows? Who cares? His crap is so ridiculonkulous it doesn't matter.

  4. Actually...stop me if I'm wrong, Smiffee, but based on what I've seen over the past thirty, thirty-five years, it looks like the only thing the Donkeycrats do give a fart in a hurricane* about is getting frickin' elected -- and staying elected. Does it seem to anyone else here that whenever "election" time rolls around -- as it will, inexorably, painfully, again this year -- it's the Donkeycrats who are the most sucked into this whole "gotta get out the vote" nuttiness? The Republicrats certainly have people beating the bushes to roust out voters as well, but it always seemed like it was the Donkeycrats who were the most... shall we say, obsessive about it, as if it were some kind of moral imperative or something?

    *"...fart in a hurricane..." P'wah hah, nice one.

  5. True as far as it goes, however you're talking about three distinct types of donkeycrat here.

    1 - Intarweb Fauxgressives - unpaid cheerleaders for their masters and betters, they obsess about polls and numbers and obscure bits of civics class triva sportsfan-style. In reality, they're a small source of campaign income and GOTV efforts, and are rewarded for their cringing and toadying with tiny bits of largely meaningless access.

    B - Politicans - who do worry about getting elected and will move heaven and earth to make sure their base, local-national-international corporations, is kept happy.

    III - DP Elites - Super-rich power brokers (Pete Amstein, Steve Perlman, etc) and assorted bagmen (Rahm Emanuel) who truly don't give a shit about winning elections because none of them really suffer any lose when the D's lose.