Monday, March 22, 2010

The Last (Health Insurance Subsidy Bill) Roundup

Alas, A Pwog
- "Sure, women were thrown under the bus. But only the first four wheels! Victory!" (Update: "Necrophilia? Sure! FapFapFapFap!")

Balk the Left - "It would have been a lot better if they'd done it my way. (Pout!)

Diggly-Wiggly - "We're gonna get a pony soon! I can just feel it!" (Update: How DARE you disagree with me on this historic legislation! THE COMMENTS ARE CLOSED!)

Extreeeeeeme! - "OMG! OMG! W GOT A PONY! OBAMA GAVE US A PONY! RALPH NADER SUCKS! WE WIN 4-EVAR!!!eleventy!! FapFapFapFap!"

Gesundheit - "It was, of course, inevitable that I should be right. Fetch me another hopium pipe, you bally woggy! Chop chop!"

Newspwoggers - "I don't care how crappy the bill is. If it hurts the rethugugpugrapelicans, it's a good thing!"

Obot Left - "It's the Progressive Revolution For Hope and Change and A Pony! Well, mostly."

Pwogman! - (Sitting next to Extreeeeeem.) "FapFapFapFap!" (Update: "Did somebody say 'necrophilia?' Oh boy! FappityFappityFappity!")

Shakes the Demotard - "Um, well, whatever Atrios says. WORSHIP ME!"

Grampa - "Eh? Whut? Damn republicans!" {Shakes cane.}

Lamey - (Sitting next to Pwogman!) "FapFapFapFap!"

The Panderdome - "Hey! What's the matter with being thrown under the bus? I like it under the bus! Don't you?"



    it's historic!


    it's a landmark bill!


    I've already got insurance and so I don't care about those poor fuckers that I keep hearing about but don't know personally, the ones who supposedly don't have health care. Do such people really exist? I doubt it, as this is America and we are Number One, and Team Obama is in charge so there can't possibly be anything bad happening here!


  2. The Futuristas are ecstatic.

  3. On teh intarwebs, nobody can hear a pwogwessive fapping.

  4. Damn Sparticus! Where do you find these people? That site almost made my eyes bleed.

    "We must all keep watch on the insurance and drug industry—to make sure that this is just the beginning of reform." (I know! We can put on a show! Jimmy can do the costumes and we can use Uncle Ned's barn and...)

    "And someday soon we must pass a strong public option." (Soon, I tell you! Any decade now!)

    "The American people should demand that we monitor this reform." (Because otherwise we'll just slack off and play WOW.)

  5. At this point, surely the most important question is: how many blogs in the PB section has Smithee actually been officially banned from?

    I feel bad because it's been years since I've had the energy to get myself banned anywhere. :/

  6. Well I do know someone who doesn't have insurance. He and his wife are off the grid dirty hippies but he does work and have to pay some taxes and he is known to the powers that be by his SS number and such. He's definitely got a frownie face on thinking about how he'll be forced to buy health insurance from folks that he hates with a passion.

    Good job Obama! Nice work. You made someone who didn't care about you hate your guts. Keep it up.

  7. In Pwogland, we escalatemilitary aggression as a first step to ending wars and bringing troops home. It's up to the Pwog-sheep to make the Dept of Defense do differently!

    In Pwogland, we imprison people as a first step to restoring civil rights. It's up to the imprisoned Pwog-sheep to make the Dept of Justice and "law enforcement" do differently!

    In Pwogland, we de-regulate nuke power in order to create a "green economy." We don't mind the rad-waste at all. It's up to us Pwog-sheep to make the Dept of Energy and the NRC do differently!

    In Pwogland, we eliminate minimum car/truck emissions standards and MPG minima in order to help clean up the environment. It's up to us Pwog-sheep to buy a Prius!

  8. Well, all of them, Ms. X. Banning me is the main qualification for a blog to joint the illustrious ranks of the Pwoggie Bloggies.

    You can also add me to the list of people who will have to buy Obama's crap insurance or pay an IRS penalty. So far, it looks like the fine will be cheaper.

  9. As "the strategy center for the progressive movement", the Futuristas play a role similar to that of Kucinich: talk tough, then cave and promote phony reform. It's what keeps those foundation checks rolling in. Sadly, I only became aware of the Futuristas through one of their rising stars, Sara Robinson, who double sadly gained fame and fortune by becoming David Neiwert's sidekick.

  10. [rolleyes] You just had to leave that update, didn't you? Now I'm gonna' have nightmares.

    Shut up, Jeff Fecke.

  11. from IOZistan:

    "The biggest flaw with Chomsky's thinking w.r.t. the state protecting people from private power is that he's assuming people will actually be involved in the political process, not sitting around yanking themselves senseless on a blawg about who's the bigger armchair revolutionary anarchist. (For my money, it's a tossup... between Smithee and Foxtrot. Those motherfuckers are stone-cold hardcore comment-box gangstas!)

    Dang. Time to buy a fedora and a violin case.

  12. That last thread over there is the awesomest thread ever. I have never been so proud of Mr. Gore's great contribution to our technological life then I am this night. [wipes away happy tear]

  13. "Michael Ryerson" was like a synthesis of every Dembot stooge post I've read over the past 4 years or so. Reminded me a lot of "N E" at ATR.

  14. MR is a veritable gold mine of smug pwoggie bloggie condescension! I can't wait to crosspost some of these gems to Diggly-Wiggly. Hilarity will almost certainly ensue...

  15. I'm glad to find one progressive blog on the internet calling to task the useful idiot fauxgressives who are pretending to have achieved some "victory" because they made the troglodyte, out of mainstream tea partiers cry for a day. Who cares about using the advantage of power to make things better when you can score cheap political points?

  16. Oh come, aren't you glad the Democrats have finally scored a victory after what, 4 decades of conservative triumphs? The Dems haven't had a win like this since they showed GW Bush and his acolytes that they could be as tough on A-rabs as any wingnut can. And now they've showed they can pass legislation that is so far to the right even the Teabaggers can't stomach it. They have beat the Republicans at their own game. Bravo, I say.

    Kos...this Bud's for you.

    Now if Obama can just start a war somewhere without any imput from the Right, the DP will finally be back into its own.

  17. Good point, Sean. There must be an infrastructure somewhere we can wreck. Have we invaded Nicaragua lately?