Monday, March 1, 2010

Fixed it.

One of the God-Emperor's yippy little lap dogs over at the Obot Left kennel recently knocked together a typically sub-moronic think piece about, oh, how voters are stupid cretins who have to be lead by superior pwogwessive intellect or some such crap. I didn't bother reading much of it.

But it did come with an abso-tootly-ootly fabu flow chart which, with just a little DGH help, serves as a handy guide to the way pwoggie bloggies process their rationalization whenever the shitty corporate-owned demotard they're supporting inevitably loses an election. But will our helpfulness ever be acknowledged? Sigh!


  1. Hate to tell you this, Smithee, but the voters are stupid -- absolutely rock-solid stupid. Check it out -- all these winners vote in "elections":

    1. Delusional peaceniks for Obama
    2. Frightened, desperate Liberals for Obama
    3. We support him because he's Black
    4. Impeach the Marxist Muslim Usurper
    5. Where's the Birth Certificate?
    6. Global Warming is a Hoax

    That's right, man. This is what Democracy looks like.

  2. You've bludgeoned my insensible with your logic, Mike. But, on the up side, I can finally see the ponies!

  3. I made the mistake of clicking through to see the original flowchart. So this is what passes for trenchant political analysis among pwogblogs.

    There are some things I shouldn't see before my morning cup of coffee.

    On the other hand, I do like the new focus on changing on the procedural rules of the Senate. For those pwogs who are politically literate enough to know that the cloture rule could be eliminated by a point of order tomorrow, the divergence between pwogblog 'activism' and the actions of the donkeycrat hierarchy might just cause some of them to think about how their lords and masters don't give a flying fuck about the alleged 'base'.

    Gotta love the call to arms, too:

    Change. The. Rules. If you are with me, sign up to Open Left's email list. We will be taking regular action on this over the next ten months.

    TEN MONTHS?!?!?!?!

    For something that could be sorted out by 8 a.m. today?!

    There's a pwog for you: always defeated before he even begins.

  4. Wake me when one of them can go ten minutes without shrieking, "But it's a two-party system, you stupid fucking Naderite!"

  5. They pretend that process is everything. The process-maven wing of the Pwogwessive Peeepulz for Pwogwessive Peeepulz in Positions of Pwogwessively Powerful Political Positions, they believe that the process is everything.

    They are these kinds of people: if their housemate/roommate accidentally suffered a serious open wound that needed immediate medical attention, they would stop for a red traffic light at 3 AM, even if nobody was around, and even if the light was stuck on red for at least 15 minutes. They'd sit there, waiting patiently, because the rules require such waiting. The process, the procedure -- it is all. The spirit behind the procedure, it is irrelevant.

    Thus they would endorse Congresscritter procedure even if that procedure is being used as an obstacle to furthering what our Fed Govt's organic document (that piece of Dubya Bush's toilet paper, known as The Constitution) requires.

    Remember -- process, it's priceless!

  6. Smithee, sorry about the blank entries, my browser was acting up this morning.

    My favorite thing about reading Obot Left is how they talk about Federal Politics as if it's a sport...

    "the Democrats missed a great opportunity to _________ on that last play" cetera. It really is about nothing more than The Noble Us vs The Evil Them to the fools of Pwoggieland.

  7. No prob, CF. There's a blog doo-dad for that.

    Yeah, pwogs are essentially Mo'betta Germans who are so removed from the realities of life they can comfortably relate to politics as sport. The intarweb is the perfect no-risk environment for them. When the time comes, they'll be the first to jump into the pods and hook up to the Matrix.

  8. Worth Reading:

  9. A sizable number of the comments on this Chris Hedges Common Dreams piece about Obama and the Greens, (via one of my LJ feeds) were also worth reading.

    'Scuse me. I think I may need to lie down.

  10. Gosh, I think Alice was here a few weeks ago making the same point Dr Scrubs is making. Three cheers for Political Correctness in Comedy! Comedy should always be inoffensive! I agree, and I do NOT play a doctor on TV!

  11. ms_xeno, that thread at Common Dreams has some stuff that surprised me. Last I checked in at that place, they were singing Kum-Bah-Yah chants in favor of the Donkle.

  12. Well, Oxtrot, the glow may not last. I'm just gonna' bask in it while I can.

    As for "P.C." this and "P.C." that, the trouble with applying the term in comedy is that I have to pretend that Andrew Dice Clay is as awesome as George Carlin. Which only works if I dump my brain in a garbage disposal before consuming comedy.

    Too many would-be wits and artistes whine about "P.C. Police" when the god's honest truth is that they're opportunistic gasbags whose "craft" is a steaming pile of lowest-common-denominator horseshit. Without the alleged "P.C. Police" they'd have no shot at immortality at all.

  13. I think there's a difference between "Dice" Clay and someone using "retard" in a way that mocks the person using the phrase "retard." Aside from that, whether "retard" is "hurtful" really depends on the context. And ultimately, John C McGinley has no room to talk about things when he gets paid ridiculous sums playing a total asshole on TV -- a double-asshole, really... an arrogant MD who lacks the redeeming wit of Hugh Laurie's character on House MD, in fact! If anyone is making hay by being an asshole, it's McGinley!