Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Digby WTF #9,213

Look, I know there's something inane published about ever other minute on Diggly-Wiggly. After all, that festering sore of a pwoggie blog is the one-stop shop for all things demotard. But, bullying is a the fault of republicans? Seriously?

"...there are real life ramifications to the spectacle of average Americans behaving like thugs. I think this may be one of them."

She goes on to insinuate that the suicide death of a young immigrant girl is the fault of right wing radio pundits, Bush administration torture policy, Sarah Palin's moose hunting, increased postage stamp prices, The Smashing Pumpkins, overly-salted french fries and super-violent Japanese anime. Or a few of those, anyway.

It's sick - using this youngster's suicide to score cheap political points. I know, I know - that kind of behavior is to expected from partisan hack-wannabes like Digby. After all, she's only imitating the mealy-mouthed demotard pundits she watches on TV. Or at least, that explanation makes more sense than trying to pin this death on Glen Fucking Beck.


  1. State television and radio in Yugoslavia drove scapegoating for IMF austerity measures into an eight-year civil war. State television and radio in the USA is in "competition" with corporate media to see who gets scapegoated for privatization measures here. Lacking suitable ethnically identifiable enemies, outraged Americans are left with only vague corporate, government, and party affiliations to fuel their resentment. A wholly unsatisfactory opportunity for either vengeance or resolution.

  2. Freepers and Pwogs - the lite beer of political movements.

  3. http://www.bevmo.com/Media/Images/ProductImagesFull/477.jpg

  4. Well, at least it's a good excuse for the majority of progs to stay home and sit on their hands while the President continues to escalate our imperial projects overseas. After all, if icky people are protesting, WE'LL surely be infected with The Ick if WE protest! Oh noes!!11

  5. One of the very very few good features about pwogs - you hardly ever see one in real life. Because that would mean, you know, going outside.