Friday, October 9, 2009

Ig Nobel Awards

Today's Headlines - US Emperor Wins Peace Prize! Pwoggies Twirl In Ecstacy! Meanwhile - US, Afghan forces kill Afghan child in raid. And now, lets check the pundits...

Alas, a pwog - Barry won a Nobel. Lookit the wingnuts!

Balk the Left - Mr President - turn down this award!

Diggly Wiggly - This is the final proof that all Repububthuglugrapelickans are TERRORISTS!!!1!!eleventy!!!1!! (Via Ko$)

Gesundheit - This award for our Emperor proves once and for all that Charles Krauthammer is a big ol' stupidhead!

NewsPwogs - Shouldn't we wait for our Emperor to do something to deserves this honor? Or not. Whatever.

Obot Left - Pwogwess At Last! All Mildly Hail Our Emperor Obama Who Hath Our Skeptical And Unwavering Support!

Pandadroppings - Wait until I finish this mix tape...

Pwogman! - Hurrah for Emperor Not-Bush! Send in your checks now, suckers!

Shake-A-Puddin - Well, uh, we, um, uh...fer Gawd's sake, tell us what to think Melissa!

Grampa - Eh? Whut? Git offa mah lawhn!

Lamey - Hooray for Our Emperor! Buy my CD! Fuck!

(Update: Diggy - Lookit the wingnuts! Haw! My boyfriend rocks!)

(Update: Mo'betta BowWow - Yay team! Go team go! Whooooooooot!)

(Update: Dave "Send Your Checks In" Sirota - Hastens to assure the Pwoggie ATM they can disagree with the DNC and still be nice little obedient pwogwessives. Plus, you can vote for warmongering democrats and still be anti-war. Plus, you can lose weight by eating ice cream. Comments Update: "Traitor!")

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