Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fwo him to the gwound, Centurwion!

(The NewsPwoggers)

A quick scan of the pwog blogs brings us this astonishingly stupid comment from the NewsPwoggers political commissar:

"The strongest weapon for party discipline is the incumbent challenge primary."

I will wager you that a more counter-factual statement will not be made today outside of the UFO blogs. Incumbent re-election rates hover in the 95% bracket across the board. Everyone who hasn't been living in Koswackistan knows this. I mean, fuck, Joe Fucking Lieberman lost his primary and still got re-elected (with massive DP support.)

How these Cheeto-stained pajama wearing couch-dwellers think they can send $20 to ActBlue and call it "activism" is beyond me. But even more hilarious is their fervent belief that their DP masters and betters give a ripe shit about the little Ned Lamonts of the pwoggiesphere.

Because, truly, the only purpose these pwoggie candidates serve is to suck up money and support from the gullible boobs that follow the A-list pwogs. It's not to keep people in the DP so much as it is to keep them out of movements independent of their control.

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