Thursday, October 15, 2009

100% of My Friends Agree I'm Wonderful

Somehow I missed this little comedic gem in the general dross of a statement issued from the Fortress of Pwogitude yesterday.

"We have clout. But we lose clout when we're seen as uncharitable blowhards. Most of the bloggers that I respect expressed agreement with what I wrote."

Where the fuck do I start? With Pwogman's delusional assertion he has "clout" with his God-Emperor? The even wackier claim that this imaginary clout is dependent on his being nice to said God-Emperor? Or Pwogman's irrefutable proof of his own correctness - that his pwoggie bloggie friends all agree with him?

Oh, but wait! There's more!

"Nobody is harder to bullshit than the people of the progressive blogosphere."

Wait a minute...I think we have a winner.

Remember, this issued from Pwogman - a brown-nosing koswhack pundit-wannabe who has dedicated years to swallowing his DNC master's bullshit and shitting out sparkly rainbows of rationalization for his fan base of lesser-evil know-nothings. Pwogman is literally made of bullshit. That the spineless fauxgressive bobbleheads he calls "friends" all agree with him should only serve as the final indication that whats issuing from his Fortress of Pwogitude should be treated as the toxic sludge it most assuredly is.

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