Friday, June 19, 2009

"We could hire our own midget, even shorter than theirs!"

Just when I might have begun to think that the do-nothing democrats couldn't get any more spineless, along comes Digby's pet jellyfish Tristero to prove me wrong. Somehow, one of his foodie blogs spat up a list of lobbyists, probably culled from The Democrat Forbidden Zone, showing the gi-normous amount of money spent on bribing our elected officials, demotard and republidunce alike. Desperate for a do-nothing rationalization, he slithered back to Diggly-Wiggly and slimed out this choice bit of yellow-assed mealy-mouthed gutlessness:
"They (people in general - ed) think it's normal, natural, but even if it's deplorable, there's nothing to be done to stop it."
Yes, yes, I know that's it's the job of invertibrates like Digby and Tristero to keep their pwoggie followers in line. But, comeon! That's really the best he's got??? That's right, folks - there's nothing you can do here. Just go about your business now and remember to send your monthly check in to DNC. Stone me! I couldn't make this shit up if I tried!

PS: For extra hilarity, check out Digby's Braintrust in the comments. ("We could hire our own lobbyist!")

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