Monday, February 15, 2010

What a relief!

It's nice to know that people who live in other countries are just as blindingly stupid as citizens of the good ol' USA...

"It is not fucking acceptable to use your daughters’ bodies to make political points. It is a betrayal of your role as their parent to use your child’s body in this way. It will fuck them up. It’ll fuck them up even more if it’s going to be syndicated on every news feed in every part of the world, until someone in New Zealand is offering their opinion on it."

Yeah, I know. Living in the middle of the Empire lends one a much closer observational point than someone living on the fringes. But...fuck me! Didn't any of Maia's pwoggie bloggie hopey-changey friends shoot her an e-mail to sort of clue her in to what our political masters and betters are like?

The Empress is using her kids for political gain? Teh Outrage!!1!one!!!eleventy!1!! Millionaire power-besotted corporate lackeys like the Bushs, the Clintons and, yes, even Our Savior the God-Emperor Obama, would sacrifice their children on the alter of fucking Ba'al for a guaranteed 5% bump in the polls. Hell, they order the deaths of other peoples children on a daily fucking basis.

The scope and breadth of disconnection from the reality of life in the Empire it takes to be outraged about something this puny, well, that kind of disconnection can usually only be found in mental wards, space aliens and record company executives. Does Maia really think the upper class mandarins we elect in a flurry of ballot box stuffing ever couple of years would have the slightest, most infinitesimal compunction towards exploiting their own kids for gain? I read pwoggie blogs on a daily basis and even Extreeeeem Obot isn't that naive. (Okay, well, maybe he is.) But really, who in-the-seven-hells do people like Maia think is running this Popsicle stand? Mother Fucking Theresa?


  1. Dude, you might want to put in a direct link to the article somewhere. Not everyone knows and loves Alas as much as you and I do. Just saying.

  2. Oops! Thanks, Ms. X. Don't know how I missed that.

  3. Hey, it'll happen.

    I personally have no trouble with people complaining about The Swiss Family Obama essentially shilling for assholes peddling dangerous weight-loss scams (diets, surgery, and the like). The diet industry makes billions of dollars by essentially being nothing but a big glossy mountain of unrelenting fa!l. I don't think that should be in dispute.

    I get your general point about the exploitative nature of our esteemed leaders, though.

  4. Yeah, I suppose this is about as brave as any fauxgressive kool-aid drinker gets. But it's kind of like criticizing Jeffry Dahmer for not recycling regularly.

  5. Y'know what gets me about all this obesitymania is that it all seems to be basically about looks, about how we appear to the rest of the world. Sure, there's a lot of talk about lack of exercise, heart-health risks and such, but when you get right down to it, it's about how we look. What the obesity crusaders don't realize is that the rest of the world's image of us as sedentary, Cheesy Poof-gobbling lard-asses is basically a metaphor for your average American's greed, ignorance and stupidity.

    Every single person in this country could start eating right and exercising tomorrow and make themselves into modern Adonises, but we'd still be greedy, ignorant and stupid.

    The whole obesity issue, to me, is like the domestic version of Darfur for Liberals -- a nice, safe issue that's easy to get behind without running the risk of being blacklisted or watchlisted or fired from their jobs or sent to Guantanamo.

    I caught a bit of the press conference thrown by Our Glorious Leader's Woman the other day, and it totally pegged my internal cynicism meter as I recalled that Our Glorious Leader's Woman's previous gig prior to becoming Our Glorious Leader's Woman was, iirc, an executive at a healthcare corporation, serving on the board of some big-assed hospital in Chicago.

    Oh, and I love the catchy name of her big anti-obesity campaign: "Let's Move". That's just fucking rich, man. I think they only picked it because "Let's Roll" was already taken.

  6. I'm looking forward to being "invited" to join one of our future Government Fat Camps, personally.

  7. I think you've hit it right in the kisser, Mike. It's gives the do-nothing democrat brigade a super safe issue to get all OCD on, and it gives Lady Caesar something to occupy her time with while she's hanging around the White House. It's win-win!

  8. Oh, and I love the catchy name of her big anti-obesity campaign: "Let's Move". That's just fucking rich, man. I think they only picked it because "Let's Roll" was already taken.

    I think "Let's Roll" was struck down after someone pointed out how it conjures up images of obese people being rolled along the ground like an old-fashioned game of stick-and-hoops.

  9. Don't give 'em any ideas, Null.

    It's a well-known fact that my fat rear will get me through the coming famine just fine. If I can just keep one step ahead of all the skinny people who'll be trying to hunt me down for rendering purposes.

  10. "Let's roll!" possesses the unfortunate feature of being a somewhat unconscious reference point for more carbohydrate consumption. Sweet rolls, dinner rolls, jelly rolls.

    I'm overjoyed that Mrs House Negro has a project she can call her own. Obesity is a wonderful thing to tackle, because it has nothing to do with what's wrong in American federal government right now, and as Mike points out, it's all about appearance.

    Reminds me of Naomi Klein's stupid-as-fuck "no logo" campaign/idea. Keep buying shit, just avoid logos and sponsorship!